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Women of Torchwood Commentfic Party!

Acting as a sister group to tw_classic here is an open post for comment fic requests and fills. You can post your own requests, you can fill a request from a previous round of tw_femficfest, enjoy yourself.

The tw_classic commentfic post is here. Characters and plotlines from the first two series of TW are welcome and encouraged at that post. Characters and plotlines from all series, as well as the tie-ins, radio plays, and DW crossovers are welcome at this post or may be posted at this community during the month of May.

As ever, standard Wil Wheaton rule applies.

Fic: The Magician and the Fool

Title: The Magician and the Fool
Recipient: nancybrown
Author: rattyjol
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, Tarot Girl, various minor OCs; background Martha/Mickey
Spoilers and Warnings: vague spoilers up to End of Time & Torchwood s2; no warnings
Summary: Three times Martha had her fortune told, and didn't learn anything at all.
Beta: purpleyedcat, who has no LJ
Author Notes: I'm sorry for the lateness, I had a crazy week and apparently I also forgot to join the comm and had trouble finding it again. But it's here now!
Link to Story: Cairo, New York, London.
Title: This Site Temporarily Unavailable
Recipient: queenfanfiction
Author: nancybrown
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Alice, Johnson
Spoilers and Warnings: through COE
Words: 550
Beta: amilyn
Summary: Nothing matters to Alice any more.
Author Note: Just a little thank you to QFF for all she's done. :) Written for the tw_femficfest bonus round!
Link to Story: Here!
Title: Sidereel: Twenty-One Short Films On Torchwood's Women (For The Writers Who Love Them)
Recipients: nancybrown, sariagray, xrai_namere, alt_universe_me, ms_bekahrose, aranellaurelote, bookwormsarah, mcparrot, jolinarjackson, analineblue, xtricks, 51stcenturyfox, remindmeofthe, rainyrocket, rattyjol, manikineko, pomkeygeekange, golden_d, mahmfic, and amilyn
Author: queenfanfiction
Rating: Nothing higher than PG-13 for all, individual ratings in link to each fic.
Characters/Pairings: ...ohgod. See link for each fic.
Spoilers and Warnings: Listed in link to each fic. Click at your own risk (see below)
Summary: Pretty much exactly what's on the tin.
Beta: Chief Mod of Awesome nancybrown. ALL HAIL.
Author Notes: I've been informed that it's easier to read shortfics all in one post, but because I am anal-retentive I am also OCD there are some who might not want to read certain fics (CoE, MD, etc), I figured I shouldn't smack people in the face with it once they get past the cut. So! Click for what you want, and (ohgod I hope) you will find! Thanks for such a fantastic and fun round of TW Fem Fic Fest, where all the women are awesome and the men are always in awe. :D

1. nancybrown: Agent Johnson gets a part-time job at McDonalds and attempts to date Alice.

Would You Like A Drink With That (Alice/Johnson) [PG, post-CoE, references to character death]

2. sariagray: Toshiko, "'I've got your mind,' I said. She said, 'I've your voice.' I said, "You don't need my voice, girl, you have your own.' But you never thought it was enough." (Bells for Her - Tori Amos)

I'll Always (Owen/Tosh) [PG-13, "Exit Wounds," character deaths]

3. xrai_namere: Mica knows exactly what she's doing when she steps into the blue box.

Geronimo (Mica Davies, 11) [PG, Who Season 6 AU]

4. alt_universe_me: Martha becomes a Time Lady or is secretly a Time Lady!

You Will Never Be Alone (Martha Jones, 10) [PG, Who Season 3 AU, character near-death]

5. ms_bekahrose: Lisa's first day at Torchwood.

First Days, First Impressions (Ianto/Lisa) [PG-13, pre-Canary Wharf, language and blood]

6. aranellaurelote: Lois Habiba declines to join Torchwood, but becomes the first private investigator to work with the alien community of Cardiff (or the world...) [A/N: Apologies for the crossover. It simply couldn't be helped. :D]

Only One In The World (Lois, Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes) [G, post-CoE, Sherlock BBC xover]

7. bookwormsarah: Jasmine and the fairies are back. Tosh and Gwen have decisions to make.

I Won't Send Roses (But I'll Bring Them When I Come) (Gwen, Tosh, Jasmine) [G, Season 2]

8. mcparrot: Kathy Swanson. So there's this smartarse psychopath in a red jacket running around and blowing up her city. What's she going to do about it?

Bad Cops Are Sexier (Kathy Swanson, John Hart) [PG, post-"Exit Wounds," interrogation under threats of torture]

9. jolinarjackson: Suzie and Tosh - did they get along?

Always The Quiet Ones (Suzie/Tosh) [G, pre-Season 1]

10. analineblue: Rhiannon celebrates an important anniversary.

In Memoriam (Rhiannon) [G, post-CoE, references to character death]

11. xtricks: A story based on this poster! Because we all need a super-hero movie with those two!

Time Enough (To Save The World) (Gwen/Rose) [G, AU, end of the world (as usual)]

12. 51stcenturyfox: Tosh and Gwen play an elaborate (but not cruel) practical joke on the lads (any or all of them) as payback for a practical joke played on them.

You Know The Rules (And So Do I) (Gwen/Tosh, Ianto, Owen, Jack) [G, Season 2]

13. remindmeofthe: AU: Jilly Kitzinger rewrites the history of the world. [A/N: Apologies in advance for the really good bad pun at the end. COULDN'T BE HELPED AND ALL THAT JAZZ.]

Infinity In The Palm Of Her Hand (Jilly, 11) [PG, post-MD, Who Season 6 AU]

14. rainyrocket: Tosh's memory lives on in the Hub, and one night it saves Gwen's life.

TOSH 2.0 (Gwen) [PG, post-"Exit Wounds," references to character deaths]

15. rattyjol: Keisha Jones (the canon daughter of Leo) grew up on stories of aliens but never really believed them. Then, she meets Torchwood.

Stories (Keisha Jones, Martha Jones, Jack) [PG, post-Who Season 3]

16. manikineko: Jack's daughter Alice runs into Rhiannon after CoE is over; they don't know each other's background.

Support (Alice, Rhiannon) [PG, post-CoE, references to character death]

17. pomkeygeekange: Somehow Esther meets Ianto, Owen and Toshiko. How is writer's choice.

The Meeting That Never Was (Esther/Ianto/Tosh/Owen) [PG-13, Who Season 3 Year That Never Was, character deaths and references to]

18. golden_d: Tosh doesn't remember not being able to read.

Bookworm (Tosh) [G, pre-Season 1]

19. mahmfic: Jenny, the Doctor's daughter, joins Torchwood. [A/N: \o/!!!!]

Partners In Crime(fighting) (Gwen(/Rhys)/Jenny) [PG, post-CoE]

20. amilyn: Anything involving River Song, Tosh, and Gwen with a firearm. [A/N: Even pinch-hitters get a treat this year—thanks for the help, amilyn! :D]

Pleasure After Business (River Song/Gwen(/Rhys)/Tosh, River/Jack implied) [PG-13, pre-"Exit Wounds,"]

21. nancybrown: Martha delivers River Song's baby. [A/N: While this was not one of Nancy's prompts for this fest, it's something we discussed outside of it, and I thought, well, she was such an awesome mod these past two years, so why not? :D]

Doctor On Call (Martha, 11/River Song) [PG, Who Season 6]

Fic: And the Quiet Shadows Falling

Title: And the Quiet Shadows Falling
Recipient: amilyn
Author: nancybrown
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane, others
Spoilers and Warnings: up through current canon on SJA, DW, and TW
Words: 850
Beta: lyryk
Summary: Late in the day, Sarah Jane has a visitor.
AN: Written as a THANK YOU to amilyn, who graciously stepped in as a pinch-hitter in the fest.
Link to Story: Here!

Fic: Learning to Walk

Title: Learning to Walk
Recipient: aranellaurelote
Author: nancybrown
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Mica, Lois
Spoilers and Warnings: through COE
Words: 1300
Beta: amilyn
Summary: Mica has to teach herself everything, and the lessons are hard.
Link to Story: Here!

Fic Roundup

I want to extend thanks to everyone who participated in this year's ficathon. We have a lot of great fics and I am enjoying reading them all! If you haven't had a chance yet, be sure to thank the person who wrote your fic. Everyone spent a lot of time, many writing well out of their comfort zones. If you can, take this opportunity to go back and read some of the other stories posted. Many of these characters have little or no other fic written about them, and every comment on a story about a woman who doesn't show up often in fanfic may encourage someone else to write more about her.

Don't forget, November 3rd kicks off the bonus round. If you have extra fics, from a drabble to an epic, you can post them here starting tomorrow (per your local time zone). Plus, we'll put up an orphaned prompts post for commentfics to encourage short and spontaneous writing. Stay tuned!

Torchwood Femfic 2011 Roundup:
Past Imperfect by mcparrot [Kathy Swanson, Tosh, Suzie]
This is my letter to the World that never wrote to Me by sariagray [Suzie]
Running in the Family by queenfanfiction [Alice, Johnson, Lois, Martha, Gwen, Jenny]
To All the People That You Became by analineblue [Gwen, Rhiannon]
Mauve and Dangerous by amilyn [Tosh]
Rewritten by remindmeofthe [Rhiannon, Alice]
But It Won't Pay the Rental by golden_d [Jilly]
Parting Words by jolinarjackson [Gwen, Rhiannon, Anwen]
A Battered Cardboard Box by bookwormsarah [Mica]
Digita1 Gir1 by nancybrown [Lisa, Suzie]
Written By The Lipstick by 51stcenturyfox [Jilly]
Amused Banana by mahmfic [Martha]
Life is all (around us) by manikineko [Gwen]
The letter of Truth by pomkeygeekange [Estelle]
Date Night (where Kathy and Tosh do things slightly out of order, Torchwood style) by xrai_namere [Tosh, Kathy Swanson]
Jailbird by rainyrocket [Tosh]
The Dark by ms_bekahrose [Suzie]
Learning to Walk by nancybrown [Mica, Lois]
And the Quiet Shadows Falling by nancybrown [Sarah Jane, River]
Serendipity by aranellaurelote [Maria]
The Magician and the Fool by rattyjol [Martha, Creepy Tarot Girl]

Bonus Round fics:
Sidereel: Twenty-One Short Films On Torchwood's Women (For The Writers Who Love Them) by queenfanfiction [Alice, Gwen, Esther, Jenny, Jilly, Johnson, Kathy, Lisa, Lois, Martha, Mica, Rhiannon, River, Rose, Suzie, Tosh ... whew!]
This Site Temporarily Unavailable by nancybrown [Alice, Johnson]

Fic: The Dark

Title: The Dark
Recipient: mahmfic
Author: ms_bekahrose
Rating: Mature (Possibly Adult)
Characters/Pairings: Suzie
Spoilers and Warnings: Child Abuse, Non-Con, Death, Angst
Summary: Suzie's back story. Why she is so angry at her father, and how she joined Torchwood.
Beta: magikalrhiannon did an AMAZING job of stepping up to the plate at the last minute after my original beta butchered the crap out of this story.
Author Notes: This was, without a doubt a REALLY amazing prompt, and from the moment I saw it, the fic wrote itself. Written in a series of six drabbles, I haven't written a truly angsty piece in ages. I apologise that there is no real comfort in this fic, but thank you for such an amazing prompt.

Link to Story: The Dark

Fic The letter of Truth

Sorry this is slightly late but I am hoping it is still the 1st of November somewhere when this is posted -computer does not work nice to deadlines :(

Title: A letter of truth
Recipient: queenfanfiction

Author: pomkeygeekange
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Jack, Ianto, Estelle
Spoilers and Warnings: None unless you have not seen season 1.
Summary: A letter reveals that Estelle was not as in the dark as Jack once thought.
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Author Notes: wrote using the prompt 2. Estelle. She sees right through Jack's lies - yes, all of them.
Link http://lexia-arcadia.livejournal.com/10488.html

Fic: Life is all around (us)

Title: Life is all (around us)
Recipient: 51stcenturyfox
Author: manikineko
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness
Spoilers and Warnings: mentions of death, spoilers for "They keep killing Suzie"
Summary: Gwen is dealing with her mortality after Suzie came back
Beta: n/a
Author Notes: Originally I wanted to go with the funny prompt of the girls playing a joke on the guys but then I took a walk and looked at the autumn trees around me. Autumn is my favourite season and I remembered someone once asking me about this “Doesn’t it bother you that things are dying around you everywhere in autumn?” So here I had the perfect thought for the story about Gwen and death, I hope you’ll like it. Thanks for the awesome prompt!

Please be aware that Gwen’s thoughts are in italic font.

P.S. You might have noticed that the title consists of a quote from Suzie in “They keep killing Suzie :-)

Link to story: Click here

Fic: Amused Banana

Title: Amused Banana
Recipient: rainyrocket
Author: mahmfic
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Martha, Hinted/Implied Tom/Martha and Jack/Ianto.
Spoilers and Warnings: Set after 'Reset' but no spoilers. Slight spoilers for 'The Last of the Time Lords' from Doctor Who.
Summary: Martha has a secret identity -- as a comedian.
Beta: czarina_kitty and bookwormsarah
Author Notes: I've never written Martha before so I am sorry if she seems OOC.
Link to Story: here

Fic: Written By The Lipstick

Title: Written By The Lipstick
Recipient: remindmeofthe for the tw_femficfest
Author: 51stcenturyfox
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Jilly Kitzinger, the Blue-eyed man, members of the Three Families
Spoilers and Warnings: Torchwood MD: The Blood Line
Summary: Jilly has a job after all.
Beta: neifile7 and golden_d
Author Notes: Prompt: Jilly Kitzinger re-writes history. This is actually more of a tag for the Blood Line than an AU, because this actually happens after the episode while Gwen, Jack, Rhys and Rex were at Esther's funeral/freaking out.

Link to story:

Fic: Digita1 Gir1

Title: Digita1 Gir1
Recipient: xrai_namere
Author: nancybrown
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Lisa, Team, canon pairings
Spoilers and Warnings: spoilers and associated warnings up through the end of S1
Words: 6700
Beta: bookwormsarah did a lovely job and has my thanks.
Summary: AU. Lisa is human. Mostly.
Author Note: I am taking liberties with certain details about the Hub and the Tourist Centre.
Link to Story: Spots darken the edge of her mirror ...

A Battered Cardboard Box

Title: A Battered Cardboard Box
Recipient: sariagray
Author: bookwormsarah
Rating: Gen
Characters: Mica Davies
Spoilers and Warnings: Post CoE, refers to the events therein, including canon character death.
Summary: When Mica gets her teeth into something she doesn't let go
Beta: The wonderful nancybrown
Author Notes: I've worked on Mica being seven during the events of Children of Earth, and I've used one-and-a-bit of the prompts given. They were fantastic prompts, I could have written for all of them!
Link to story at my journal

ETA: hopefully the link is now fixed. Today is clearly the day I make every html mistake possible...

Parting Words

Title: Parting Words
Recipient: ms_bekahrose
Author: jolinarjackson
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Gwen Cooper, Rhiannon Davies, Anwen Cooper-Williams
Pairings: Jack/Ianto (implied)
Spoilers: Children Of Earth, character from Miracle Day
Warnings: mention of canon character death
Summary: Gwen meeting with Rhiannon after Anwen is born. Combined with a second prompt: Rhiannon's reaction to when Ianto was first bought home.
Beta: Eleanor Harkness-Jones, thanks!

Link to Story: http://jolinarjackson.livejournal.com/187822.html#cutid1

Fic: But It Won't Pay the Rental

Title: But It Won’t Pay the Rental
Recipient: analineblue
Author: golden_d
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Jilly Kitzinger
Spoilers and Warnings: Spoilers for Miracle Day.
Summary: “I had to sell my own jewelry.”
Beta: The ever-lovely 51stcenturyfox.
Author Notes: Prompt: “What it’s like to be stuck in Shanghai post-Blessing.”
Link to Story: Thank god the exchange rate was favorable.

"Rewritten," G, Alice and Rhiannon

Title: "Rewritten"
Recipient: manikineko
Author: remindmeofthe
Rating: G
Characters: Rhiannon Davies, Alice Carter; genfic
Spoilers and Warnings: Spoilers for CoE, especially episodes four and five, and general concept spoilers for Doctor Who 5x13, "The Big Bang." No warnings.
Summary: Rhiannon Davies doesn't believe in the stars.
Author Notes: This is set in the starless AU from "The Big Bang." All you really need to know is that the universe is slowly imploding and only the Earth remains in existence, which is making the timeline fracture and causing all kinds of wacky paradoxes (including the events of this fic, since technically it occurs well after that reality ceased to exist).

Funnily enough, the one thing I absolutely did not want to do for this fest was a CoE story because I just didn't want to watch it again, but manikineko's request for a meeting between Alice and Rhiannon grabbed me instantly, so I did it anyway. Totally worth it. :D Thanks for the great prompt!

Link to Story: Here!
Title: Mauve and Dangerous
Recipient: pomkeygeekange
Author: amilyn
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: canon pairings (references to: Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Owen, Suzie/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Ianto...you get the picture)
Spoilers and Warnings: Spoilers through "Random Shoes" and vague for S2 events, no warnings apply.
Summary: Tosh is lonely and bitter. Owen is lascivious, and Gwen is infatuated. Jack and Ianto make eyes at each other. Oh, and a goopy blob-monster attacks a Cardiff neighbourhood. Torchwood, business as usual.
Beta: b1uemorpho and nancybrown.
Author Notes: See end.
Link to Story: At AO3 or at My LiveJournal.

To All the People That You Became

Title: To All the People That You Became
Recipient: jolinarjackson
Author: analineblue
Pairing/Characters: Gwen, Rhiannon, Rhys; mentions of Jack/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen
Warnings/Spoilers: spoilers through the end of CoE
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2,460
Beta: sariagray
Summary: Gwen and Rhiannon share a chance meeting in a coffee shop, post-CoE.

Notes: Written for jolinarjackson’s awesome tw_femficfest prompt “Coincidentally, Rhiannon meets Gwen in a coffee shop shortly after CoE. They talk.” :) I really hope you enjoy this, and that it falls in line with what you had in mind! ♥ Many thanks to sariagray for the wonderful beta as well – any remaining mistakes are my own. And thanks to the mods too, for all their hard work – this is my first time participating in something like this, and I had a blast. :)

Link to fic: Here!
Title: Running In The Family
Recipient: mcparrot
Author: queenfanfiction
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Alice/Johnson/Lois, Gwen/Rhys (& Anwen), Martha Jones, Alice/Rex, Jack, Alice/Jenny
Spoilers and Warnings: Set post-CoE and through/after MD. Potential triggers of suicidal contemplation, aliens getting shot in the head, humans not being able to die while select others are now capable of doing so DAMN YOU RTD, and blacked-out sex of all flavors. (I'm an equal-opportunity kind of girl.)
Summary: There are many ways in which Alice takes after her father, some of which she appreciates more than others.
Beta: sariagray beta'ed the hell out of this fic and I think the fic liked it.
Author Notes: Based on a combination of two of Parrot's prompts (Alice meeting Jack again, and Alice being a kickarse secret agent), and basically an AU of 's "In My Unique Position". (Fear not, Nancy—it returns to canon by the epilogue!)
Link to Story: Story at my (spanking-fancy) Dreamwidth. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Torchwood Female Characters Are Awesome Ficathon

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